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Elevating the bond between you and your dog

Dog training services in Indianola, IA
and surrounding areas

Your bond is powerful.

Things may not be perfect right now, but you can have a happy life together!

You want the happiest, healthiest, and overall best life for your dog. You want to do whatever you can to make both of your lives easier, stress free, and cohesive. Right now, it seems like your dog is not on the same page and is adding stress, overwhelm, and anxiety to your life.

Your health and happiness are just as important. Dogs have proven to be beneficial to our physical and mental health. When we spend more time with our dogs, we increase our own health as well. Training will strengthen the connection you have with your dog, give your dog more structure, and in the end will help you both live a happier stress-free life together!

Jumpstart your training

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Learn more about Fur Pete's Sake

Here you will learn a little bit more about Katie, our owner and lead trainer, while seeing some examples of animals she has trained!

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